Acrylic Painting, Roses and A Nebula

>> 1 July 2012

I'll find time to translate this to bahasa
p.s: cubaan melukis bunga ros telah menghasilkan galaksi Nebula :)

After so many weeks in abandonment, acrylic painting and brushes are making a huge hand-clapping come back - mainly because I am scheduled to attend the basic color theory class yesterday.

I have collections of paint brushes in hand. 4 sizes of flat brush, round brushes of size 10 and 5, a filbert, and a fan brush. I rarely paint, but my round brushes are not well-cleansed, how ironic!  I take note to clean them more carefully next time.

The color theory is basically the art of mixing different colors in order to form different tone of colors according to painting theme. For example drawing the sky during sunrise and during sun set  will have different color effect. That is where the knowledge of maxing color will be become handy.

There re only 3 primary colors - yellow, red and blue. It is as simple as - mix one unit of a primary color with another primary color will produce X color, or mix 2 units of X color with another primary color will get Y color. Then the recipe continues. Last reminder from teacher - now no excuse not to paint because "there is no enough color options"!
It says - yellow+red =orange, the rest of the charts are purposely blurred for p&c purposes :)
Drawing technique came next, with a rose. Cikgu performs several live demos to us, the how to produce a lovely rose like this.(If not mistaken), she combined the acrylic with the water color technique. This is why, this class is so special ;)

I suppose to draw a rose like this - by cikgu
 And this what I have produce after my 1st attempt- a Nebula! Who doesnt know what Nebula  is?
my 1st attempt, instead of a rose, I drew a "Nebula", then followed by 2nd Nebula with additional "zoom-in" effect ;)

After drawing 2 Nebulas, I gave up and drew something else.Then teacher take charge, and did live demo on how add more details to a petal, such as drawing the veins.
Giving up rose, I drew simpler "unknown flower"
I continue drawing once arrived home - a bit later at night, after finishing some orders for my satin ribbon brooch. I use acrylic with my cheap 100msg drawing paper, which I own for quite some time - among the odd thing that I have at home.
Arrived home and continue drawing, more disaster and another giving-up sketches (2 logs in red color)

this is what I produced before midnight

..and before going to sleep..what a night!
 and came the following morning, I kind of learn something now!

Followed by the following morning - more to "draw and fill-in" technique. (Not too sure if these terms are official. )
 And after lunch, I tried drawing each petals using strokes, instead of fine and fill-in technique

after lunch - more to stroke technique
 This is a completely using strokes technique

..the final one..
..erm..long way (to be able) to produce what teacher has produced..

p.s: I really had fun writing this article, especially the Nebula :)


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