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>> 1 August 2012

(will be translated to bahasa soon)
p.s: tak sempat translate sebab sibuk menyiapkan kerongsang bunga satin

HEFEI -- A long period of overworking left a 24-year-old online shopkeeper dead in her sleep, raising public concern about the working conditions and health of those working in the e-business sector.

I have high stack of unread newspapers, and last night make the attempt to read each of them like a book. This very same article has appeared in the local newspaper, The Star, on July 28th, and I am reading the following lines with full interest

Zhou Ming has run an online shop for five years, and says that when he started his business he often felt dizzy and achy because he was doing all of his work alone, including stocking merchandise, consulting, packaging goods and sending the packages.

Indeed, e-business is a fantasy to many people, some may look it as easy but not until they put their feet into one. I have experienced this for my second months now, and understand the many challenges and issues- the unexpected and many more.

For the past 2 months, I have been designing, developing and producing my own product in the fashion lines. Design and development itself will take a while before the actual production can be marketed to the mass. It is a totally different concept and approach from doing a wholesale-a totally different energy and motivation is required to keep everything on the run.

Next came to doing the actual marketing. If doing it offline, we can have people walked and stopped-by, then inspect each product physically, followed by asking this-and-that before the actual buy. Wrapped it and hand them the bag, and money exchange to another hand.

Doing it online took a different disciplines. Have to ran around the global online and "usher' people to come to stop by our virtual shop, hoping a good visual and descriptions would make a good selling point. Ushering, preparing good visuals, writing descriptions in creative manners, is not a 5 minutes job, like what many would have thought. And to be sufficiently-savvy in computing and creating the online platforms is just another story and need long hours to tend.

Some friends have came to acknowledge this new online business of mine, and have asked for favors and all the above help. Not only that they are expecting my kind help on the setup, but also expecting me to maintain it during my "spare time":)

I was to say nothing but a "virtual" nod, then diverting to another topic as to conveying my polite decline. I think, these people don't really understand what it is actually like to do business online. Perhaps they just need to read the above article, and they would understand why ;)


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