My New Handmade Brooch and Corsage

>> 27 May 2012

I'll find time to translate this to bahasa
p.s: projek membuat kerongsang bunga dari fabrik sheer dan satin

Beautiful Sunday, I had full restful night before, free from sewing and stitching. I pushed my sewing trolley (loads with sewing stuff) to one corner of my room and covered them with a blanket. I need a break and no sight or thinking on any of them. Btw, these are my new fabric-handmade Brooches and a Corsage. Before describing this further, lets read through some journals.

brooches (3 inch in diameter) and a corsage (4 inch, the larger size) - still in research and design stage

I struggled to finish Covey's The 8th Habit. Not even half a book after 3 weeks, I have to call up the library to extend the returning date, for another 3 weeks. The book is full with good and useful text, which re-read and re-think is always in between of reading each lines, so there's no way I could speed-read this. Not too sure if this will work, but these few days, I use this new and odd strategy - reading the book from backwards. 

Sewing Tudung
I received new request from a dear friend to help sew her a tudung. Weeks before, I received few similar orders, but has nicely rejected them by saying - I have "long-closed" my tudung shop and don't intend to take anymore orders. But for this dear friend, I didnt have the gut to give the same excuse. She had the fabric mailed to me the day after, and I re-opened my old treasury tudung-box to find the matching Thai silk fabric for the awning.

purple, black and off white: she chose black and purple
I happened to window-shop at the Jackel store the day after, and passed by a nearby Tudung shop. I spotted the new range of Chiffon tudung, nicely hanged on attractive racks. I inspected each of them - the different designs, qualities and price-tags. The next thing to happened was, I bought 2m of similar chiffon fabric in blue-greenish color with its matching Thai-Silk. I arrived home, and pray - Dear God, please tell me that I am doing the right thing.

The journey of sewing this dear-friend tudung hasnt commenced just yet (what a challangeing journey), and I had this new idea of trying out making a fabric brooch. I have another old treasury box opened and found a piece left-overs white fabric to test this with. And to my surprise, it came out quite well. I had the white, the first one produced with size of 4inci in diameter. Then I test out, dyed the white fabric into multiple lovely colors. 

back view - the pin

pure white - size of 4 inch in diameter.  This is after my 2nd attempt.

red - I love this red!

I love this purple-maroon color. A darker tone in the middle and gets lighter towards the edges. I designed this for my dear friend with a thank you note: Thank You, I had this idea from you!

Mixed purple and red

mixed- yellow and brown


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