The true cost of handmade by Somer sheerwood - Part 1

>> 6 August 2012

(will be translated to bahasa soon)
ps: kalau di hias dengan bunga pun cantik juga

While wasting time, I came across this well-written blog with over 700 comments, then followed by additional 157 replies on it's next sequel.A full-time crafter/art-ist with description as " lives in a 1923 bungalow in Los Angeles and makes things with yarn, and makes a killer homemade pizza (not made of yarn)", I think these little lines must be written by someone with lots of fun :)

the "contorversial" handmade hat - credit to Sommer Sheerwood 
So what happened was, she knitted this beautiful hat, then pricing it at $150 during a craft fair. Then came a customer, and after inspecting the hat, said - Do you really charge this much?"
To read more, click here

8/8: you might want to read this section of comments that made me laughed to cry, click The true cost of handmade by Somer sheerwood - "my grandmother's dead"


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