The true cost of handmade by Somer Sheerwood - My grandmother's dead

>> 8 August 2012

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A sequal to my previous blog entry, I am post-reading the 700+ comments from "The true cost of handmade by Somer sheerwood" , I found this section of comments are amusing and made me laughed to cry.

They are commented over those few people who undervalue handmade goods by saying - my grandmother can do that. 

p.s: Those whose name are not linked has probably not logged in before leaving their comments

Susan C. says:
… But I also understand the frustration of people saying My grandmother could make that. Why do you charge $100 for it.
John says:
Hmm… From the sounds of it, I guess this person doesn’t think much of her grandmother’s work either.
 cyndi says:
tell them to go get it from their grandmom.
Delia Marsellos-Traister says:
who has time to make everything they THINK they can make. I used ot do that to artists all the time…”i’m not paying THAT, because I can make it.” It’s a lie and I have 100 different projects in my shop to prove it and my grandmother’s dead. …



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